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Artwork by © Bob Jones / Documented by © Amelie Losier

Installation of the work "Cmd Shift 4", Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin


Solo show "Beyond me" at Galerie im Tempelhof Museum 2.2. – 14.4.2024


Solo show "Beyond me" at Galerie im Tempelhof Museum 2.2. – 14.4.2024

"The photo artist Bob Jones deals with the diverse interrelations of identity, body and societal role. The exhibition 'Beyond me' draws from works between 2016 and today, which, on the one hand, relate to the artist's dealing with their own body and on the other hand, reflect on the impact of societal norms. Traditional ways of (women*) depictions are deconstructed and met with irony in order to develop new perspectives on the question of one's position within society."

Curated by Diana Thun



Nominated for the 9th Merck award of the Darmstadt Days of Photography 2023

"[...] 'the 'Merck-Preis' is one of the most important awards in the field of contemporary photography in Germany and radiates far beyond our city limits,' says Tanja Zocher, responsible for cultural sponsoring at the Darmstadt based science and technology company Merck."

Nominated were Axel Beyer | Johanna-Maria Fritz | Maximilian Glas | Juliane Herrmann | Jan Hottmann | Bob Jones | Ille Oelhaf | Hanna Sass | Martina Sauter | Aleksandra Sawa | Sari Schildt | Mika Sperling | Mouneb Taim

Curated by the team of the 12th Darmstadt Days of Photography 2023 at Designhaus Mathildenhöhe


Recipient of the 19th Art Award of Haus am Kleistpark 2022

"As part of the promotion of artists, the Haus am Kleistpark offers an annual art award endowed with 5000 euros. Under the title HaK Lab, the large exhibition hall opens as a space for artistic experimentation or artistic experience. On display are works from all areas of the visual arts that combine contemporary relevant themes with innovative concepts."

Curated by Barbara Esch Marowski at Haus am Kleistpark

Nominated were: Yasmin Alt | Felix Baxmann | Nils Blau | Ab van Hanegem | Ulrike Hannemann | Bob Jones (award winner) | Ingar Krauss | Nina Maria Küchler | Una H. Moehrke | Christian Pilz | Hannah Rath | Sonya Schönberger | Christina Stark | Johannes Vogl | Johannes Weilandt | Silja Yvette


Exhibition TRANSITIONS: Protest Cultures and Digital Worlds in Transition

"Currently, many phenomena of transition are emerging in society: [...]

What role can artistic photography play in these different processes of change? What kind of representation does it pursue? Does it actively participate and take a stand or does it remain a distanced observer? Does it transform the means of fast-moving digital communication or the process of change itself into components of the artistic work?"

Curated by Franziska Habelt & Finn Schütt at Museum für Photographie Braunschweig

Julia Autz | Daniel Chatard | Bob Jones | Georg Kußmann | Igor Samolet | Kristina Savutsina | Jakob Schnetz | Yorgos Yatromanolakis

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