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What is the influence of the various materials separating the digitally connected? How do we perceive one another via the screen, when our images become pixelated, resized, delayed, textured? Using the shortcut cmd+shift+4, I portrayed the individual participants of many online meetings via screenshot to remove them from their virtual grid and digital community. Applying a complex process of physical translation, I re-materialized the collected screenshots on analogue photo paper. Hereby, I aimed to thematically and formally juxtapose the fast-paced, volatile and increasingly intransparent digital world with a longing for genuine, face-to-face human interaction. "Cmd Shift 4" not only makes evident concrete changes in our ways of communicating, it also emphasizes the possibility of uncontrolled and unlimited reproduction and modification of our visual data.

Work details:

Images 1, 2: Installation views, Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, 02/2022

Images 3, 4: Scans of analogue handprints, original size 4x5"

Image 5: Installation view, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin, 08/2022

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